Feel free to download our Physical Therapy Referral Form and take it your physician if they do not have our referral pad.

When it comes to Physical Therapy, you have a choice where you want to be treated and who treats you. It is important that you get treated by a licensed Physical Therapist on each visit.

Please download and fill the necessary forms as needed:

Patient registration
Patient history and body diagram
Pain scale
Family Care Plus Physical Therapy brochure. (For your information)

Scheduling your first appointment:
Scheduling is easy. Call us at (810)743-7950 and schedule your appointment. Also, your physician could schedule from his/her office by calling or faxing us the referral.

Important: There is no substitute for a skilled instructor when it comes to any activity or exercise program. However, some time you could read and follow instructions to get an idea or carry out basic set of simple exercises.

Please feel free to download the following exercise sheet samples.

Please contact us at: if you need any specific exercises.

Bill Payments: For your convenience, you could pay your balance using following link.